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  • We Asked…You Answered

    Last month, the Programming Committee published a survey to understand what continuing education opportunities you want to see the Community Center offer. Thanks to those who participated, we have a better idea of what you want and need us to provide. The most popular categories were Tech/Phones and Personal Finance. Tech/Phones requests included a lot […]

  • Animal Rescue Team Training

    Did you know that seals love Hungry Point? That leatherback sea turtles travel north in the late summer and occasionally wash ashore? That whales have been found on Fishers and are regularly spotted in its waters? That dolphins too can end up on the beach – one up at the Castle as recently as this […]

  • SAT Prep Course on Fishers!

    The Fishers Island Community Center, in partnership with Cashel Educational Consulting and Summit Educational Group, is proud to announce that there will be an SAT prep course at the Community Center this summer! The course will run between July 16th and August 6th, and costs $395 for both members and non-members.* ‎ | We’d say […]