Board of Directors

  • Elizabeth Burnham

    Liz Burnham

    Liz Burnham, Community Center Director

    Liz Burnham is the third director of the Fishers Island Community Center. Since previous directors stewarded the Community Center through an initial phase of constructing a building and a secondary phase of establishing an endowment, Liz has the luxury to focus on expanding programming. Under her guidance, the Community Center is branching into three programming missions: Health & Fitness, Arts & Culture, and Community Education.

    Liz likes to claim she figured out how to make summer last all year round when she moved full-time to the island in 2015 – nearly ten years after she started thinking about it. In that long run-up to the move, she attended Cornell University (BA) and George Washington University (MA), spent over eight years as a Naval Flight Officer, and became editor-in-chief of an academic journal.

    Closer to her heart, though, was the long-term sustainability of the Fishers Island community. While still off-island, Liz joined the board of the Island People’s Project to assist with their year-round programming on the island. Then she took a leap of faith. She moved to the island without a winterized place to live or a job, just believing that she would be able to contribute to a community she loved. Within months, she was involved in the Island Community Board, the school, and the ferry district. Liz still thinks this move was the best decision of her life.

    Previous Directors:

    Elizabeth Reid
    Mere Harr Doyen

  • 2016-17 Board of Directors

    • Jane Ahrens
    • Mark Borden
    • Peter Crisp
    • Gail Cypherd
    • Luke Fowler
    • Karen Goodwin
    • John Harris
    • Sara McLean
    • Bob Meyer
    • Sarah Moody
    • Harris Parsons Jr.
    • Tom Patterson
    • Elizabeth Reid
    • Scott Reid
    • Chriffo Sanger
    • John Spofford
    • Ann von Stade