About Us

  • Fishers Island Community Center

    If you build it they will come…

    It is the people that ‘make’ the Community Center. Committees, organizations, island businesses, and individuals regularly rent and use the Center’s spaces for meetings, dinners and special events including thank you dinners, holiday parties, receptions, and birthday celebrations.

    We take great pride in seeing year-round residents and seasonal visitors all taking advantage of the varied educational and extracurricular programs offered for every age group. Under the leadership of Community Center Director Jeanie Cook, the summer programs reached new heights, not only in attendance but also in the variety. Jeanie is growing the program selection even further, incorporating the needs of other Island organizations including the School and Island Health Project to help them serve the community members through our facility and services.

    We would like to offer a special thanks to Jane Ahrens who provided many of the photos and content used throughout our website.

  • Mission Statement

    The Fishers Island Community Center is a non‑profit organization formed in 2006 to provide cultural, educational, athletic and social activities throughout the year for the benefit all Fishers Island residents. Our programming and outreach efforts enrich island life for all ages, foster a sense of community and encourage the retention and growth of the year‑round population.