The Halloween Community Dinner Happened!


On Monday, October 30th we hosted the Halloween Community Dinner and it was a great success! We had over 65 people in attendance and everyone enjoyed the evening, young and old alike!   A huge thank you goes out to Bill Bloethe for cooking and donating our delicious dinner of chili, rice, salad, and corn bread. Everyone raved about the chili, so if you haven’t had it yet, try it at the store the next time it’s available. Another thank you goes to Dave Denison for the magnificent end-of-season dahlias he clipped and brought to us. They were just gorgeous and made our space look festive and special. Amy Harris brought a delicious cake which was devoured in short order. Thank you, Amy! Also, thanks to Dee Ross for helping us with our food service. Susie Brinckerhoff supplied a surprise game of “Guess the M&M Count” which was fun! The talk of the evening was the crazy tornado which hit Fishers in the morning and many of our community spent the day cleaning up and restoring power to the island. It was nice to be able to provide dinner to many who had worked hard all day.

A full house! (photo: J. Ahrens)


Beautiful dahlias

The surprised winner of the M&M count! (Photo: J. Ahrens)



More beauties!