Summer 2018 Programs

The Community Center is hard at work preparing for a summer of fun, and has already finalized plans for the following programs and events.  There’s more in the works – keep an eye on this space and on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!

Howard Park Painting Workshop

Howard Park returns to teach several painting workshops this summer. On June 25th-29th , we host Howard for a Line Wash which is a way of capturing your visual experience in a quick “sketch -like” image. Painting water color this way eliminates the tedious and illustrative drawing techniques and because you will be using ink to draw with, it will establish your darks right away so you can concentrate on color and value. This is a wonderful way to keep a daily journal, or a travel log sketch book, or a good way to make study notes for a more finished painting. . For a week long focus “en Plein Aire” Impressionist Landscape painting, join us July 16-21 ” It is the best way to develop your visual memory, and to learn to work quickly with minimal brush work.  My approach for teaching landscape will help all levels of ability avoid the pitfalls of composition, color harmony , and light.
In this class you will learn the five steps that the masters used for trouble free painting
Imagine the freedom to be able to go anywhere and set up your out side “studio” and walk away with a finished painting you will be proud of.
This workshop is open to all levels but a basic understanding of painting would be helpful.” . The last workshop, August 13th-17th, teaches how to paint Abstract -Paint the abstract landscape and learn to SEE what you are looking at. By simplifying the landscape into abstract shapes and values, that you can rapidly record on paper, or canvas, gives you the advantage of letting your viewer be part of the art process. By not giving too much information, the viewer of your painting will make their own decision of what it is they are seeing.


Kindersculls is a half-day summer camp for 4-9 year olds full of activities such as: daily craft projects and games (both in and out of boats), rowing drills, lessons in boat handling and maintenance, snack time and more! With safety as the primary focus, space is limited to 8 athletes per session (8 for the morning, 8 for the afternoon) in order to keep a 4:1 rower to coach ratio. All rowers wear life vests whenever they’re in the boats or near the water regardless of their swimming capability. In 2018, Kindersculls will be held August 13th-17th, with both a morning session from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and an afternoon session from 1:30 – 4:30pm.

Summer Yoga

Lowri Foyle is back by demand.  She will teach Yoga classes this  July 2018 . Her classes will focus on developing body strength,technique and flexibility.  More details to follow.

Play Groups

To be determined