Trivia Night at FICC

When I moved to Fishers, people asked me all sorts of things. “What are you going to do? Won’t you miss going shopping? To the movies? Being able to walk to anything you need?” Clearly, they didn’t know the very walkable island, that I go to the movie theater about once a year (unless I’m on island), or how I don’t actually like to shop. But there was one thing I would miss: trivia.

I love trivia, and I’ve played it regularly at one pub or another for the better part of ten years. We would gather the same crowd week-to-week, knowing that Justin D. is a walking encyclopedia of music while Justin H. does the same for sports, Carly is all over pop culture from the last four decades, Greg and Wes can piece together the timeline for American history, government, or jurisprudence, Toni is pretty good at dissecting clues and words to give the rest of us hints when we’re lost, and Emily and I can cover literature, mythology, and basic science. This diversity is critical – I am hopeless in all-music rounds, to the point where it’s a good time to get a refill or clear some plates from the table, and someone else needs to pick up my slack. But with a good team, we can be competitive, pull in prizes often enough that they can pay for the food, and occasionally even win.

Trivia is fun. It’s (usually) teen-friendly. It’s definitely community-building. I missed it last year, but no more. Trivia is here on Fishers Island.

Last week, we hosted our first trivia night with a large group of Fishers Island School and Lake Wales (FL) High School students joining some other members of the community, and it was a huge success. We may not be able to handle it weekly, but I think we’re on track to do this monthly. Keep an eye out on the calendar – we’ll have another trivia night Thanksgiving weekend, and one in December too.

– Liz