We Asked…You Answered

Educational Programming Survey Results

Last month, the Programming Committee published a survey to understand what continuing education opportunities you want to see the Community Center offer. Thanks to those who participated, we have a better idea of what you want and need us to provide.

The most popular categories were Tech/Phones and Personal Finance. Tech/Phones requests included a lot of Microsoft Office – both basic skills and learning more complex manipulations. Answers also referred to learning iPhone and iPad features. Personal Finance topics include retirement planning and budgeting, both of which should be relatively easy to organize. This means the Community Center will be looking for someone interested in teaching some short sessions on iProducts and Microsoft Office, and another person to give seminars on retirement planning and budgeting. If that’s you, email us now!

There’s also a strong interest in learning more about Culture, Travel, or Languages. This could take the shape of themed community pot-lucks, with someone discussing their heritage or travels in a particular country. We might tie in a themed cooking class or demonstration (pierogi! sushi! paella! blini!) to further a cultural understanding of the food. It could also be less formal morning coffee klatches sharing tips, or planning travel to a particular destination. (I have travel books to spare!) Let us know what appeals and who would be able to help, and we’ll see what we can organize.

Craft skills were also popular – sewing, knitting, and scrapbooking included. Our arts & crafts room is open and chock full of some basic supplies, but we’d love to have some volunteers help organize it after a few years of intermittent use. Tell us – is it better to have a general craft circle where everyone can bring their own projects and help others, or specific classes without high participation? And what would make that room more inviting?

You showed a fair amount of interest in Nature and Wildlife, which means our Programming Committee will be reaching out in November to the Conservancy and the Museum to see whether we can collaborate on any programs. As many of you know, the Conservancy has an office in the Community Center, making it a natural venue for shared lectures or programs.

We’re still working on Business workshops, and you told us in the Group Brainstorm that you needed more information on insurance – especially health insurance. Thanks to some collaboration with Candy Whitman of ICB and Union Chapel, we’re scheduling health insurance seminars in mid-November. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for all the details!