Dancing into Fall

I’m hugely excited to share that we’ve got not one, but two dance programs coming this fall!

The first is a three-month youth ballet program, brought in partnership with the Fishers Island School.  One of the TAs there, Ana Rose Webster, also has a degree in dance instruction and is excited to bring ballet instruction to our littlest members.  Soon, they’ll be schooling us all on first, second, third, fourth, and fifth position, explaining port de bras, and practicing pirouettes on the playground.  We can’t wait.

The second is an eight-week class on social dances, taught by our very own competitive ballroom dancer, Alan Thibodeau.  Bring your dancing shoes on Thursday nights to Alan’s class and learn to drive your heels in to swing, or to twist on your toes for salsa.  We can even put together a little Friday night outing to the Knickerbocker Club in Westerly to practice all we’ve learned!

I’ll see you there! – Liz